Student Essay Contest

Win a Trip to the Waterpark with your class and a $500 college savings account

The deadline has been extended until May 19 2011

Submit your essay by May 19 for a chance to win a trip to the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark during its grand opening on June 6 and to win a $500 College Savings Account courtesy of Oregon College Savings Plan.

One winner for every grade – 1st-8th. Winners announced by May 27. No purchase necessary.
Essay: Choose one prompt, and in 500 words or less, tell us:

1ST – 2ND GRADE (allowed to submit entries as an essay or artwork)
• We use water daily. Write a few sentences or draw a picture showing us how you use water every
day and why water is important.
• Describe why water is important to living things/ or draw a picture to show how living things
need water.

• Imagine you are a drop of water. Write a narrative describing your journey through the water
cycle. Think about how your form will change and what will cause those changes as you go
through your journey. Remember, you are writing your narrative from a water droplet’s point
of view!
• How does water change states as it travels through the water cycle, and how does it impact
the environment?

• Why does ice float? Describe the scientific processes that allow this phenomenon to occur.
• Explain the water cycle and its relationship to landforms and weather.
Winners selected based on creativity and demonstrated proficiency of science and writing skills as determined by Oregon state standards. Download more forms and see contest rules at www.evergreenmuseum.org/waterpark. For more information on the $500 college savings account, please visit www.oregoncollegesavings.com.

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Scouting the Future


By Stewart Bailey, Curator

To the drug runners, their night couldn’t be going better. They’d made their rendezvous with the fishing vessel and were loading their cargo of cocaine aboard the speed boat for a fast dash to shore, where dealers were waiting to put the “product” onto U.S. streets. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they were surrounded by a U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement team and a U.S. Navy frigate that appeared like phantoms out of the dark. With thoughts of “how did they find us?” rushing through their heads, they started dumping cargo, but the gesture was futile as they had been caught in the act. Everything was caught on tape by a silent spy.

Sound like something out of a police drama on television? It could have been, but this scenario actually did take place on April 3, 2010, when the USS McInerney, a U.S. Navy frigate successfully intercepted drug smugglers attempting to move over 200 kilos of cocaine off the coast of California.  They had tracked the drug runners in their speed boat for more than three hours and moved in to make the bust when they met up with their supplier aboard the fishing boat.  And the silent spy that made it possible? It was a new type of robot aircraft named the Fire Scout.


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We love our Museum members!

By Amy Quick, Director of Membership

As many of you have heard, February is our Member Appreciation Month! This is a time the Museum staff dedicates to honoring the people who have supported us the most – our members.

Every February, we enjoy amazing presentations and weekends full of free activities for Museum members.  For 2011, we have added a behind the scenes tour of our restoration hangar with Museum curator Stewart Bailey, and a member-only Star Party in our IMAX Theater.  In addition to all the wonderful people involved throughout the month, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Rob Holman from Oregon State University. Dr. Holman is the founder of the Coastal Imaging Lab at OSU and has spent his life studying the inactions of ocean waves and beaches. He will be speaking at the Shifting Sands event on Feb. 12, and will be followed by an exclusive showing of the new (to us) IMAX movie, Ultimate Wave Tahiti!

Member Appreciation Month kicks off this weekend with a Kids Day on Saturday from 10:15am to approximately 1pm. The event will feature a planetarium, book reading, and Steve the “Balloon Guy.” We will also provide a special kids menu at our Cosmo Cafe in the Space Museum.

I have attached the detailed schedule here. RSVPs are required for all events due to limited space. If you have any questions, please call 503-434-4185 or email membership@sprucegoose.org.

Thank you again to our Museum members, and we hope to see you throughout the month!

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A different kind of water landing

By Kasey Richter, Director of PR and Marketing

As you might have heard, the Museum has an amazing new project that is becoming close to completion.

This project is the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark, a nonprofit educational Waterpark that will include four waterslides, a wave pool and a children’s museum dedicated to teaching students about the power of water. The space features nearly 70,000 square feet of educational fun, highlighted by a massive B747-100 aircraft that rests on the top of the building. Throughout the structure, Waterpark visitors will learn about the power of water and its effects on society through dozens of interactive exhibits and learning tools.

This Waterpark is unique for a few different reasons. One, it is the only aviation-themed waterpark that we know of. Two, it is the only building that has a 747 on the roof (to be technically accurate, there is a 747 that is elevated off the ground in Germany, but it is not on a roof). Third, this Waterpark places a massive emphasis on the Museum’s mission, which is to inspire and educate. So not only will the Waterpark visitors have a blast, but they will learn something as well.

The Museum staff is still finalizing details regarding the Waterpark opening, but I wanted to provide a little more information on that big building next to the Museum with an aircraft on top. For more photos of the construction progress, check out our facebook page and our twitter feed.

Watch how we lifted the 747 on top of the roof (thanks to one of our favorite Museum visitors, Even Q):

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“Houston, can you hear me?”

Yesterday we hosted a successful ISS Downlink event. Rather than write about it, I figured you would want to view it! Thanks again to NASA for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity!

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