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Firearms Collection

In 2009, the Evergreen Aviation SC Space Museum opened the Captain Michael King Smith Firearms Collection, a new exhibit located on the Aviation Museum mezzanine. This world-class collection of firearms from every era of American history occupies 18 cases and 4,000 square feet, overlooking Howard Hughes’ massive Spruce Goose.

The Collection is brought to life by seven large-scale dioramas depicting Lewis and Clark’s arrival at the Oregon coast, Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders at San Juan Hill, the Wild West, World War II in the Pacific, World War II over Europe, a 1950s boy’s room and a sport hunting scene with a father and his son.

The Collection also includes a display on the Second Amendment, which illustrates how these artifacts are literally woven into the fabric of America from as far back as the founding fathers and the framers of our U.S. Constitution.

The National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia assisted the Museum in the preparation of the Collection in order to insure that only the finest, historically accurate artifacts are put on display for the public. Whether you are a firearm aficionado, an avid hunter, a history buff a student or simply an interested onlooker, you will find something of interest in this tasteful tribute to the role that firearms have played in the rich history of the United States.

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