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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Actually it’s a boat…

By Kasey Richter, Director of PR and Marketing

Today is a special day for the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. It was on this day, 63 years ago, that our beloved Spruce Goose flew nearly a mile at an elevation of 70 feet in the Long Beach Harbor.

It was a moment that Howard Hughes had dreamed about; a moment where he proved all of his skeptics and critics wrong.

Our Museum can relate to that moment. It was nearly ten years ago that the Evergreen Aviation Museum opened its doors to the general public, showcasing a collection that encompassed less than 50 aircraft.

Now the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum can boast nearly 200 aircraft, spacecraft and exhibits; has expanded to three buildings, including a Space Museum; operates the largest IMAX 3D theater in the Northwest; and is in the process of constructing the new Wings & Waves Water Park, a non-profit educational water park that includes an interactive science museum, four water slides, numerous play structures, and a wave pool.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to witness the progress of our amazing facility, and happy anniversary to our lovable Spruce Goose!

For your enjoyment, I’ve included one of our favorite graphics of our Spruce Goose.

H-4 Comparison Chart

***Diagram by Clem Tillier.

And a video of the Spruce Goose flying…



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  1. Oliver says:

    Was the intention to make the Spruce Goose a long-haul carrier like the B747 or A380 would be years later?

  2. I remember HH’s flight from this clip. The movie about him showed the same clip too.
    After all the advances in aviation, it is remarkable that he was so close and then so far away with his dream to fly a plane that big.
    It probably all boiled down to not enough power from the props and a little slopping of tail and wing designs.
    Still, amazing to watch this video.

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